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Water treatment technology

Waterologies incorporates sensors and smart filtration applied to purification and water treatment.


Water has no substitute at any price. It can not be manufactured. For this reason, we believe in innovation as the only way to solve the great water challenge of humanity and its future.


Only 0.3% of the world’s water is accessible for human consume. from this, 65%-85% of water is destined to irrigation. By 2050 the demand for food in a global level will be doubled.


The technologies in which Waterologies´ industrial equipment are based on, consist in the production of dsolutions respectful to the environment.


Waterologies know how merges the most advanced research in electrochemistry, nanotechnology and biosensor technology in water engineering.

What is your relationship with water and its creation of value?

We give the best result at the lowest price.

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Pure Water Backpack - purify surface water
Pure Water Backpack

We are proud to present the backpack to purify surface water and well in any place and in the most extreme conditions, such as natural disasters or humanitarian emergencies. – Eliminates 99.9% of bacteria and 100% of turbidity – It weighs 11.5 kg – It Cleans 200 liters/hour – It incorporates its own source of…

Why you should matter about Solartistech water treatment technology?
Why you should matter about Solartistech water treatment technology?

 Drinking water with health warranty wherever available: river, pit,reservoir, …  If you do not have power supply: sun is enough.  Remote places or hardly accessible: mobile potabilisation.  Cutting edge technology with optimized cost and highest attainable sustainability.


WATEROLOGIES, S.L. born as development engineering projects in the wastewater treatment process and research in water reusein industrial processes.