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Consulting & management

We are concerned to know the issues thoroughly

That is why we are able to put ourselves in the client’s shoes to help focus theirs with the most adequate strategy.

Solucions Waterologies per la indústria de la pell - Waterologies

An innovative and intelligent performance against a technological challenge is always an opportunity to improve competitiveness.

Some of our implemented systems of purification and recovery of water:
  • Purification of the restoration workshop of Alhambra. Council of Alhambra and GeneralLife.
  • Treatment of the farm and dairy farm industry of Trappist Monastery of San Isidro de Dueñas.
  • Disinfection system of the reactor washing process in the pharmaceutical company Alifarm,S.A.


WATEROLOGIES, S.L. born as development engineering projects in the wastewater treatment process and research in water reusein industrial processes.