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Water treatment technology

Waterologies designs intelligent equipment for the control, purification and purification of water


Portable filtration and water potabilization equipment for remote locations. Autonomous No chemicals or external energy.


We eliminate 99.9% of bacteria, spores, fungi. We disinfect with a natural hypochlorite substitute. Does not cause irritations. Total elimination of odors.


Design, manufacture and installation of treatment plants from 100 to 400.000 liters / hour.


Quantitative reading equipment of microorganisms (bacteria, viruses, fungi and spores) in gua and air in real time. 2016 patent. Without human intervention.

What is your relationship with water and its creation of value?

We offer you the best result at the lowest cost.

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Pure Water Box. Special for emergencies and remote places

Introducing Pure Water Box. A team designed to obtain free water of the 99.9% of bacteria and the 100% of turbidity. Easy cleaning Each membrane can filter more than one million liters. Includes Power Bank of 3800 mAh Soon we will have an online store. Pure Water Box. Special for emergencies and remote places4.8 (95%) ...

Pure Water Backpack - purify surface water
Pure Water Backpack

We are proud to present the backpack to purify water surface and well in any place and in the most extreme conditions, such as natural disasters or humanitarian emergencies. - Eliminates 99.9% of bacteria and 100% of turbidity - It weighs 11.5 kg - It Cleans 200 liters / hour - It incorporates its own source of ...

4.9 (97.5%) 24 votes