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Equipment with technology
Waterologies performs water management in which it optimizes costs, improves production systems and implements its own research innovation.

Purification equipment with Electrochemical Activation technology

The system that efficiently reproduces the way nature itself acts in the face of the proliferation of pathogens.

The membranes developed by Waterologies they are the only ones capable of generating the adequate quantities of disinfectant compatible with higher cellular organisms that at the same time is capable of eliminating bacteria, viruses, fungi and spores.

The latest generation sensors designed to detect the appearance of biofilm in its incipient development stage, and the centralized online control system of its measurements allow effective and safe performance at a minimum cost of product, energy and equipment.

The purification equipment Waterologies it is the "smart" treatment that gives solution to the main challenges in the availability of water with sanitary and process guarantees.

Smart System concept

Teams Waterologies They incorporate the concept of Smart System and offer the possibility of having totally controlled the proliferation of microorganisms by means of the monitoring of the facilities. The generated disinfectant product completely eliminates the biofilm that is generated in the facilities, which improves the performance in the heating / cooling circuits, avoids corrosion of the materials and wear of the facilities, lengthening their useful life and improving their performance.

The Smart System of microbiological control of installations is totally versatile and adaptable to the specific characteristics of any installation, public or private, that requires microbiological control.

The values ​​of our products:

Efficacy against pathogens (especially Legionella)
Prevention and elimination of biofilm
Low energy consumption
No addition of chemical disinfectant (generation in situ)
No environmental impact
Safety in the use and health of consumers
Accessible on a small scale and autonomy of use
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