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Treatments to disinfect water

In Waterologies we work with different technologies to get the water disinfected, eliminating bacteria, viruses, fungi and fungal spores.

  • Salt electrolysis with membrane separation.
  • Saline electrolysis: Generation of sodium hypochlorite from sodium chloride (salt)
  • Ultrafiltration and reverse osmosis

Reverse osmosis equipment for the desalination of sea water, brackish water, demineralization, separation of unwanted elements.

With pressure recuperator for energy saving at high working pressures.

The equipment is assembled in conditioned containers, with control controls that are easily accessible and programmable.

Due to their constructive characteristics, the equipment does not need civil works and the connections for the water of entrance and of service are of fast assembly, lowering costs of manpower.

Water before treatment

Water after treatment

The equipment is tested from our workshops and enjoy the guarantee of the experience that our technicians have accumulated over the years.

Plug & play equipment

Compact units installed in maritime containers for easy transport and handling.


When we use reverse osmosis technology to purify landfill leachates, the same type of module can not be used as in desalination, due to the high load of contaminants present in this liquid, and consequently the high degree of fouling of the membranes.

That is why, to treat leachates, we use open channel modules that allow the membranes to be cleaned, leaving them in optimal operating conditions.

  • Reverse osmosis plants.
  • Quick connection and no civil works.
  • Equipped in conditioned containers
  • Energy saving systems.

The manufacture of water treatment equipment to return water to the environment in excellent conditions to preserve life has been our obsession over the years. We have nurtured the latest technologies to generate our own patents through which to provide effective tools in the field of sanitation.

  • Construction of biological reactors for the degradation and decantation of organic matter by activated sludge.
  • Sludge recirculation
  • Reuse of the outgoing water.
  • Aeration for the contribution of oxygen to the bacterial colony and constant agitation for the homogenization of the incoming charges.

Precoat filtration, is a highly efficient filtering technique that allows us to obtain clarified liquids and highly dehydrated concentrated solids.

This system is capable of filtering from 1.000 to 80.000l / h, depending on the raw materials. It has a filtering capacity of up to 60.000l / ha less than 5 microns with an effectiveness of 99%. The drying of the solid fraction is up to an 40% humidity.

At the time of filtration, the formation of the precoat is a determining step that conditions the process, directly influencing the duration of the filtration cycles

At Waterologies we research, develop and commercialize a family of intelligent equipment that generates disinfectant by electro-saline activation by membrane separation from sodium chloride. Thus we eliminate the chemical products. Our product is lethal for microorganisms but at the same time innocuous for health and the environment, remaining stable at neutral pH.

At Waterologies SL we set out to create friendly, safe disinfectants at a cost that allows them to be integrated into smart cities networks; to create microbiological sensing and communication systems. Massive monitoring with the data obtained to give an immediate and localized response to potential microbial infection centers.

Treatments to disinfect water
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