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Optimal use of water

We are experts in water treatment technology

Water is not only a scarce resource: it is a vital necessity for our survival as a species. We are water That is why we put all our knowledge and effort into preserving it.

We know what the problem is:

In the coming decades, the growth of the population and the areas where it will occur will preferentially place water needs at a critical point. With current agricultural technologies and those that can foreseeably be developed in the medium term, we must expect an increase of 400% in the world demand for fresh water.

The optimal use and the sanitary assurance of the available water is an inexcusable necessity and of urgent resolution.


Waterologies is the 2013, after obtaining the recognition of the Deloitte award for the highest expected social impact in the XVIII Fòrum d'Inversió a


In the 2015 year, we were invited by LACI (California Los Angeles University) to the Cleantech Global Showcase in Los Angeles.


At 2016 we participated in Smart Cities and TechCrunch's friends wrote an article about us. Thanks guys. We try to improve thanks to your advice.


At 2017 we participate in H2O Challenge Panama City. IE Business School named us as one of the ten water sector start-ups with the greatest worldwide projection. The only European!

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