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Technology equipment
Waterologies carries out water management in which it optimises costs, improves production systems and implements its own research innovation.

The system that efficiently reproduces nature’s own way of dealing with the proliferation of pathogens.

The membranes developed by Waterologies are the only ones capable of generating adequate amounts of disinfectant compatible with higher cellular organisms while at the same time being able to kill bacteria, viruses, fungi and spores.

State-of-the-art sensors designed to detect the appearance of biofilm in its incipient stage of development, and the centralised online monitoring system of its measurements, enable effective and safe action at a minimum cost of product, energy and equipment.

Waterologies purification equipment is the Smart treatment that provides a solution to the main challenges in the availability of water with sanitary and process guarantees.

Smart System Concept

The Smart System concept and offers the possibility of totally controlling the proliferation of microorganisms by monitoring the installations. The disinfectant product eliminates all the biofilm generated in the installations, which improves the performance circuits, prevents corrosion of the materials and wear and tear of the installations.

The Smart System for microbiological control of facilities is totally versatile and adaptable to the specific characteristics of any facility that requires microbiological control.

The values of our products:

Efficacy against pathogens (especially legionella)
Biofilm prevention and removal
Low energy consumption
Without addition of chemical disinfectant (on-site generation)
No environmental impact
Safety in use and health of consumers
Small-scale accessibility and autonomy of use

WATEROLOGIES, S.L. born as development engineering projects in the wastewater treatment process and research in water reusein industrial processes.