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Products and services

Technology equipment

Safe water everywhere. Portable devices

We want to reproduce the way that Nature acts in response to the proliferation of pathogen agents.

Portable devices

Portable devices to generate clean water 99.9% free of bacteria and 0.0 NTU of turbidity for emergencies in natural disasters.
– Backpack: Up to 200 liters / hour of water.
. Portable: 11.5 Kg of weight
. Autonomous: up to 20 hours of charging by solar panel
. Self-cleaning membranes.
. It only needs 15 w

Pocket lab

Biosensors that measure pathogens in water and air close to real time in a quantitative way.
These biosensors have been developed by CSIC (Government of Spain) and by the Germans Trias i Pujol Hospital team.
Anticipated its commercial launch in 2018.

Effectiveness against pathogens (specially legionella)
Prevention and elimination of biofilm
Low energy consumption
No addition of chemical disinfectant (in situ generation)
No environmental impact
Safety in the use and health of consumers
Accessible to small-scale and autonomy of use