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Technological solutions for disinfection and purification

Technological solutions for smart disinfection

Based on the most advanced techniques and integration systems to develop smart products. Our devices reach maximum efficiency at the lowest cost, both economic and environmental.

Clean experience that qualifies us
Pure Water Backpack - purify surface water

Clean water devices for remote places

BACKPACK 200 l/h; 11.5 Kg, Solar Panel, Long life battery, Only 15W needed, For natural disasters. 6 milions of liters before change membrane.



Quantitative biosensor in real time for pathogens in water and air.
– Test < 5 €.
– Quantitative,
– Universal: For no lab workers
– Close to real time
New in 2018!

Equipos de electrólisis salina DINOTEC

Dinotec GMbH
( Equipment for disinfection and purification of swimming pools) (Pumping equipment for laboratory and industrial disinfection )