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water + technology

Optimum use of water

We are experts in water treating technology

Water is not only and scarce good: it is vital for our survival as an specie. we are water. that is why we put all our knowledge and effort in preserving it.

We know what the problem is:

In the coming decades, population growth and the areas where it will predominantly occur, will be in urgent need of water and the problem will be critical. With current agricultural technologies and those that can be expected to develop in the near future , we should expect a 400% increase in global demand for fresh water.

Optimum utilization and health insurance available for water is inexcusable and need urgently.


Waterologies was built in 2013 after obtaining the recognition of the “premio Deloitte a la contribución social del XVIII Fòrum d’Inversió” award. Waterologies won this award to the project with greater expected social impact in water reuse.


In 2015 we were the only Spanish innovative company selected to exhibit our equipment at the Global Showcase in Los Angeles.


In 2016, we presented our advances in iWater, within the Smart Cities Fair of Barcelona. That same year, an article about Waterologies was published in TECHCRUNCH. Thanks guys!


In 2017, we were named by H2O Challenge (IE Business School) as one of the ten start-ups with the greatest global projection in the water sector (the only European one). We were invited to an incredible workshop in the City of Knowledge of Panama.