image Waterologies en la feria FED de empresas de logística de campaña en Versalles junto a nuestros colaboradores de RCY Pure Water Box. Especial para emergencias y lugares remotos

Waterologies Waterologies

Pure Water Backpack

Pure Water Backpack - purify surface water

We are proud to present the backpack to purify surface water and well in any place and in the most extreme conditions, such as natural disasters or humanitarian emergencies.
– Eliminates 99.9% of bacteria and 100% of turbidity
– It weighs 11.5 kg
– It Cleans 200 liters/hour
– It incorporates its own source of solar energy.
– It Cleans easily and automatically
– You can clean more than 6 million liters before changing the membranes.

Pure Water Backpack
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