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    Analysis & development

    New technologies for new applications

    The fields of application of Biosensor technologies are infinite for pathogen control in water and air




    Medical application

    Waterologies´ devices generates in situ a disinfectant respectful with the environment , using low power and no other product that sodium chloride. This is only possible through an innovative effort that integrates deep understanding of electrochemical processes associated with membrane technology , incorporing the latest generation nanotechnology , and the introduction of biosensor technology and intelligent product concepts that require integration of areas knowledge in full development. For this reason, the engine of our activity is in the continuity of research and development.

    Humans are prone to diseases of microbiological type. Microorganisms such as viruses, bacteria, fungi and fungal spores reproduced in organic media and in water. The industry in general needs to disinfect everything that has to do with human contact , and the responsibility that the products are free of microorganisms which may represent a source of infection or disease generates disinfection protocols in all food manufacturers, beverages, hospital equipment, water and more.

    Thanks to this approach, Waterologies´ devices are working for instalation and their utilization fo any sector in which microbiological contamination poses a health risk.

    Until now conventional disinfectants consist in shock treatments that involve:
    • Stoped technical installations.
    • Loss of production, therefore, economic.
    • Loss deterioration of installations.
    • Use of dangerous, corrosive, aggressive, and caustic products,…
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