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    It is the range of Waterologies products that have been designed to make water drinkable in any place, no matter how remote. any location, no matter how remote.

    Transportable, automated equipment that generates its own generate their own energy, without chemicals and very easy to operate.

    Solardistech Rugged

    Portable devices to generate clean water 99.9% free of bacteria and 0.0 NTU of turbidity for emergencies in natural disasters.

    • Backpack: Up to 200 liters / hour of water.
    • Portable: 11.5 Kg of weight
    • Autonomous: up to 20 hours of charging by solar panel
    • Self-cleaning membranes.
    • It only needs 15 w
    Solardistech 15

    Solardistech15 is designed to be installed anywhere without the need for electrical connection, its power supply of photovoltaic panels allows it to be a totally autonomous equipment.

    • Autonomy: 6-8 hours/day
    • Production: 8750 l/day
    • Dimensions in meters: 2,20×1,80×1,60
    Solardistech Backpack

    Solardistech portable is a small autonomous device ( photovoltaic energy) that offers great optimization.
    This device can work in emergency situations, in case of majordisaster or humanitarian intervention because they meet the following efficiency specifications: ATA300, IP67, STANAG 4280 and DS81-41.

    Solardistech Waterhole

    Equipment for the treatment of the different salts present in aquifers.
    The main objective is to treat the water consumption to reach parameters of the amount of salts according to the regulations.

    The plant is designed to operate with solar energy and / or conventional.