image Water is an increasingly scarce resource
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Our mission is to guard the most precious resource ( fresh water ) using the most abundant element in the planet’s surface ( salt water ) With this way of thinking,we won the DELOITTE AWARD 2013

Drinking water anywhere in the world is the basis of the work of SOLARDISTECH.

Design, manufacture and market portable electrochemical devices, powered by solar energy and photovoltaic generators
are highly efficient and capable of disinfecting water anywhere ecological disinfectant.

This was the impetus he needed the WATEROLOGIES project to become a business expectation in Spain. In addition to raising investment capital and start a process of implementation in different companies in the world with our products, engineering and consulting in improving water quality.

In 2015 we are confirming the positive chances of our commitment to the water business, our products and services basing on the opportunities that project the smarts cityes in implementing water services in different sectors such as:

health, food, leisure or food

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