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Why you should matter about Solartistech water treatment technology?

Why you should matter about Solartistech water treatment technology?

 Drinking water with health warranty wherever available: river, pit,reservoir, …

 If you do not have power supply: sun is enough.

 Remote places or hardly accessible: mobile potabilisation.

 Cutting edge technology with optimized cost and highest attainable sustainability.

Immediate delivering of drinking water wherever it is required. This was the idea of Toni Cuevas, CEO de Waterologies, a company from Igualada/Barcelona that seeks solutions water potabilisation where there is a lack of energy supply and water treatment infrastructures.

One of the first fruits of this challenge is a moving treatment plant that will turn into drinkable a source of pit water in Guinea Conakry. This Igualada based company aim to produce serially this equipment, that can be used in remote places where no other energy source but sun is available, or in emergency and catastrophe cases, a fast solution of drinking water availability is



Yesterday in Anoia river, a first test in real environment was performed with excellent results, celebrated with a toast with the obtained water by Waterologies team. A captation pump was introduced in the area of Vilanova del Camí Parc Fluvial, and once the hoses connected, the brown water from the river showed instantly a clear -and nice taste- outlet after being processed

by the device circuit. The system capacity is able to treat 1.000 liters per hour, slightly less if the captation deep is below 40 metters. Carlos Martin, product manager, explains that the philosophy is to simplify to the maximum the operation, in order of “in no more than 10 minutes” water treatment can be done by pressing a button. Marin arguments: “We don’t know who will be

the final user and we don’t want to request a very specialised training”. The machine incorporates geolocalization and a web server, what enable its remote activity monitoring. The chemical processes that take place inside the box do the

rest. With a sole exception: depending on the working time and the water salinity, some common salt must be added.

The treatment plant works with a solar pannel system that stores the energy in batteries, what enables to keep autonomy during the night or in cloudy weather.

Cuevas stresses that the basic future infrastructures must follow this sustainable and fast implementing model.

Luisa Huerta, project manager, explains that the equipment production was mostly completed with the help of local suppliers. For the further serial production, it is intended to build the machine in a trailer to facilitate the transport.

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