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Working with water? You need the ECAS system

Working with water? You need the ECAS system

The presence of water in our lives is exhaustive to the point of being almost forgotten . Our body is mostly water and our productive and social activity happens in practically all cases because of the use of water as a raw material.

As a means of production, or as auxiliary transmitter power fluid, cleaning, decoration and leisure. The water is always there, and so in many cases we do not pay due attention to this omnipresence. We recently had confirmation of the presence of water on Mars. And immediately afterwards and we think that’s enough to think of sufficient human settlements on Mars, just for that fact.

The water capacity of developing primary organisms within it is the basis of life as we know it, and that is the first factor to be considered when we use water. We need your purity to avoid contracting diseases when ingested, making skin contact with it or inhale aerosol. Leading facilities and use water for different uses that the industry has developed only work properly if we preserve its microbiological purity.

Otherwise, they appear as striking examples as legionellosis or energy inefficiency in heat exchange equipment.

Of course measures are taken to correct the effects of water microbiological fertility, but its technical basis is usually palliative, using an obvious excess chemical and often causing premature corrosion in facilities that are not yet amortized.

Waterologies provides the most logical solution development teams that make knowledge more pointer in the prevention phase microbiological effect: detecting incipient acting training and site of the most suitable disinfectants generation efficiency, health security, low cost, risk elimination, environmental sustainability, immediacy. Those are some good reasons to raise without delay the incorporation of ECAS technology Waterologies to your water.

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