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Water for everybody and in the remotest places

Water for everybody and in the remotest places

UNDRINKABLE water is one of the most important death causes. This happens in emergency situations, but as well in communities consuming it in poor state condition.

SOLARDISTECH aim to bring a solution at a world scale problem that involves safety and health for people.
Our developent is a backpack that makes water drinkable. This backpack is equipped with a pump that, when introduced to any kind of water, pass through a circuit generating a disinfectant, resulting at the outlet in a completely drinkable one. Its weight is of fifteen kilos in total, 1,5 kg of which from the solar panel,  and is able to save lifes in places where there are no electricity and no possibility to generate energy.

Only turning water into drinkable we are able to improve the current expectations of future

The backpack is autonomous and efficient to the point that is able to generate disinfectant agent for 50.000 lts per day, although the pump size allows a flow between 2.000 and 4.000 lts of water per day. Its cost is affordable enough to consider its use everywhere in the world.
It is the right time for the capital to contribute by means of the research to get important results in the social sector, gathering entrepreneurial, institutional and mankind benefit all together.

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